Finding Mentors

How to Find A Great Mentor – The Right Mentor Can Increase and Speed Up Your Success Rate 10 times!

mentors - amazingbizsecrets.comFinding mentors is essential. Here’s how to find and convince high quality mentors to help guide you to being super successful.  To be a leader, you must be humble and grateful. These are just a couple of the important traits of leadership.  Business owners should be leaders.

Mentorship is absolutely critical to helping you live the life you want. Your mentors—like your friends—have a huge effect on how, who and what you become. The people who mentor you often determine which networks you will need.  Nearly all successful people have had great mentors – without a doubt.

Why do most people fail in business?  The truth is this;  the failures in business usually did not have a quality mentor.  Unfortunately, many business owners have an “ego” that will not allow them to ask for help. So, these people slowly creep into failure.  YOU MUST humble yourself and realize you were not born with the knowledge to succeed.  Very few colleges or Universities will teach you the real secrets of business success. The only people who can usually teach you are the ones who have been there. Mentors know you need Mentors in order to succeed!  Never be ashamed to ask for help.

If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you won’t achieve much, and you’re certainly not going to proactively and purposefully seek out the advisors and mentors that you need to help you get there.  You must know what you want.

The reality is that all super-successful people are just people–and many would enjoy mentoring someone who has the motivation and the desire to succeed but need some guidance and expertise that only a mentor can provide.

Finding a Great Mentor

Finding good mentors can be tough.

First, go to the Internet and search for organizations that have missions that you feel the most passion. See if you can find people working for those organizations who are truly successful and competent. Create a list of prospects that could become your potential mentors.

Once you identify these potential mentors through your Internet search, existing networks, and the networks of people that you know, your mission is to convince at least two of them—just two great, amazing people—that you are worth an investment of their time.

Most adults who are really successful would love to help you. The problem is; mentors usually do not know which people need help the most. Mentors don’t know who is the most motivated to actually achieve something that aligns with their life’s mission.

It takes persistence over several weeks, sometimes months, to get into the network of someone who can really help you with your business.

How to Get Connected to Incredible Mentors

The best way to connect is be referred by someone who is already trusted by the mentor you want to meet. Some people have a varied supply of possible mentors they could refer for you.  Getting an “introduction” is your initial goal – connecting with them through the right person.  You must be humble with the right attitude.

The kind of people you should be seeking as mentors are likely to be people who want to spend their time with others who are serious and proactive. Perseverance and persistence correlate highly with seriousness.

Find someone who can vouch for you, then explain your passion, and pursue your prospective mentor until you connect with him or her – no matter how long it takes. If this is a potential mentor on your list who can help you achieve your dreams, then there’s very little that you should allow to prevent you from being able to meet with them.

How to Get the Attention of Busy People

mentors -

If you can’t find a common connection, it’s time to resort to Master Guerrilla tactics.

Here’s one trick to be really effective in getting through to important busy people. Get someone’s attention by sending them a FedEx package.Not a simple letter, but something a bulky that cannot be missed. Busy people pay attention to opening bulky FedEx, UPS, and DHL packages. It’s well worth spending that $10 or $20 to get the attention of someone who otherwise simply wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Can you imagine how many emails, texts, etc. a successful busy person receive in one day? It’s not uncommon for a busy person to receive at least 300 emails a day, which adds up to 10,000 a month. Possible at least 50 texts a day, which adds up to 1,500 a month. They might get three or four letters, or sometimes many more than that, every day via USPS.

Bottom line:  If you really want to get someone’s attention, send them a FedEx package. Spend a few dollars and include something that adds some bulk to the package, something that might be memorable. Include a brief note about who you are and specifically why you think connecting would be valuable. That’s all you need to say. If you have the person’s email address, follow up via email and simply ask them for a time that you can take them to lunch. If you don’t have their email, include yours in the note. Often, you’ll get a reply.

Another tactic you can use to connect to busy people who are in the public eye is to send them @ messages on Twitter. To this day, I’ll get a few hundred emails a day, but I’ll only get five or six people who are @ mentioning me on Twitter. One of the things that is pretty clear about human nature is we all have some form of ego and we like to know when we’re being mentioned—particularly in news sources or social media. Take advantage of that fact to get someone’s attention.

If you can include their @ name in a message on Twitter, they’ll almost certainly see it, if not respond. If you can get them to follow you because their interested in the same topics, often times that @ message will go directly to a push notification on the their smartphone. What better way to get the immediate attention of someone who you’re trying to seek out as a mentor?

Persistence and Consistency is extremely important (Respectfully)

Most people give up after sending one or two emails because they are afraid of being a pest.  Emails often get lost in the crowd. Get in touch again if it really is important for you to connect. Be polite, but be persistent.

Never simply show up at a potential mentor’s house.  This is disrespectful. Don’t hesitate to show up in the lobby of his/her office building and ask if you can give a message or say hello to your prospective mentor.  Be persistent.  A potential mentor will appreciate your determination.

Increase the odds of an introduction.   If a trusted associate sends an email, a text message, a FedEx package, and a tweet; comes recommended to a potential mentor; and shows up respectfully the office and waits to meet them, the potential mentor will definitely make time for lunch and conversation. So pursue the people with whom you wish to be connected.

If you’re not in the same geographic location as your prospective mentors, make an initial connection via a couple short emails or a FedEx package and then say this;  “I’m going to be in your area next week. Could you meet?”

If they say yes to the meeting, you will make sure you are in their area, but you don’t necessarily have to have a flight booked or a trip already planned when you ask. Oftentimes, because your prospective mentor knows you are only in their city for a couple of days, they will agree to a meeting that they might otherwise say no to or postpone. You have to be prepared to actually go if they say yes.

How to Be Prepared when you meet your potential MENTOR.

Once you get the meeting, make sure you are ready and prepared. You need to know in advance what they are passionate about. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON YOUR POTENTIAL MENTOR. Figure out what they care about and what they’re interested in. Learn about their field. If you spend months trying to get a meeting but no time researching and doing your due diligence on the person you’re going to meet, then you’re missing the boat entirely.

Once your prospective mentor says yes to an informal mentorship, follow up. Send brief emails when you have questions. Go to the same networking events. Frequency and recency are the things that people remember. If you can have repetitive interactions, however brief, every month or two, that person will definitely remember you.

How to Build A Lifelong Relationship with Your New Mentor

When you’ve made the initial connection, be patient and think about the long term. You’re building a lifelong relationship. Develop that relationship over time, and treat it like a valuable investment. If you’ve spent three months getting a twenty-minute meeting with the person, don’t simply try to get one particular piece of information you want and then move on. It’s not a transactional relationship. It’s about how you can both help each other in the decades to come. Ideally, as you grow older and you become more influential in your field, you will be able help that person with their own goals and dreams.

As a successful person gets older, one of the goals of almost every successful person is to ensure their legacy continues—to ensure they can share the information and knowledge that they have gained over the years. They may write a book or create a video, but they might also be very happy to share what they know one-on-one with people they believe will carry it forward. You could be the person who could help them accomplish their last goal in life.

Aspire to Become a Millionaire

Naturally, the more successful people you surround yourself with, the most mentoring you’ll receive.

“Do not keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result.  Your life will not change for the better.  You must say “enough is enough” and climb up and find a mentor to help guide you!”

As you continue to explore the world, build your networks, clarify your goals, find amazing mentors, you will realize there are many groups of mentors out there working hard to make the world a better place. Someday, you can join them.  Finding a great mentor is tough – but you can do it.


Get Respect: 5 Ways to Gain Respect From Others

get-respect: 5 ways to gain respect from othersBelow please find 5 ways to get respect. In business and in life, it matters how much people value and respect your opinions.  If you are in a leadership position, it is especially important to earn the respect of your peers and those with whom you work with.  However, we know that respect is earned, not just given.

Unfortunately, there are only two basic ways to get respect.  One is through FEAR – the other is through LOVE.  Do you really want people to fear you? Most police get respect through fear, but are not liked. Gangsters and often times “bullies” get respect through fear as well.

The type of leaders in business and in life who get the greatest respect among millions of people are those who are like and loved.  Consider all the prophets through history who have a huge following of people.  These prophets are loved and most people follow out of their love for them.  Most healthy minded children who respect their loving parents will usually not do the things that are not approved by their parents.  These children who admire their parents will do things for the admiration of their parents.

One key factor in the level of your success as a leader will be your level of respectability.  If you can gain the respect of your peers, you can go much further as a team. Below are 5 ways to help get respect in the workplace and in life.

  1. You Must Be Authentic to Get Respect.

People respect people who are authentic and truthful.  People who are not afraid to tell the truth about their skillsets, their limitations, and admit their faults will gain more trust and respect from their peers.  This shows that you are not afraid to feel vulnerable because you are secure with yourself.  In a world where people are full of insecurities, if you can be the one who is secure and authentic, you will be respected.

  1. You Must Be Kind.

Be polite to everyone you meet. This is a great way to build your social skills and your empathy skills. Be kind to everyone you see at work, at the grocery store, at the soccer game, or wherever you may be.  A person who is kind is a person who is ALSO respected.

  1. You Must Be a Good Listener.

If you want to earn or get respect, listen to what people have to say.  True leaders will listen open-mindedly to the ideas, problems, and solutions to the things that are happening in the workplace.  By simply listening to others will gain you respect.  Do not interrupt people when they are giving you their opinion.  Count to three before you start talking again.

  1. Don’t Play the Blame Game or Give Excuses for Your Failures.

Remember that your responsibility as a leader is to take on the responsibility of failures that may happen.  Leaders don’t make excuses, they simply learn from a mistake and change the course of the plan.

  1. Be Open to Change. Do not be closed minded.

Remove your “ego” and humble yourself. Sometimes a change will be needed in your business or your life and you must be open to that change.  A stubborn attitude will not get you the respect of your peers. Great leaders know that while the goal is the most important, flexibility in the approach is key.  If you are open to change and making adjustments, people will see you as respectable.

These simple 5 tips can get you the respect of the people you interact with on a daily basis. Keep them in mind and be sure to practice them. Earning the respect of others will open up many new doors and lead to a much more successful life.

Successful people almost always use their mentors advice when comes to building a business.  A good mentor comes in handy and are essential for many business builders.  Go here to find a mentor.