11 Reasons You Will Never Be Wealthy

11 Reasons WHY You Will NEVER Be Wealthy.


Most people do not believe this, but nearly everyone on earth has the same opportunity to become wealthy.

However, most people do not know how. Most millionaires are not born. They had mentors who taught them step-by-step.  There are certain money secrets that are purposely kept from you. Why? This is a subject for another time, but for now, let’s discuss the reasons you will never be wealthy IF you imitate the masses.

Most financial wealth secrets are not taught in school. Most people graduate from high school and college can’t even balance a check book.

Below are certain signals that you may not be on the road to riches.

If you’re focusing on working hard vs. working smart, then this is your FIRST mistake!

Working hard will not make you wealthy. Hard working construction workers working hard in the hot sun probably will never experience real wealth.

One way of working smart is investing your money —that is, taking advantage of compound interest so that your money earns money. You must discover how to make “money” your slave. You must discover how to make the money you earn “work” to make you more money.

You can do this without a lot of risks. You can do this without a lot of time or effort. It’s much easier than you think.

If you’re putting too much emphasis on saving — and not enough thought on earnings, then you’re NOT on the road to riches. Another way to work smart? Increase your earnings not just your savings.

Yes, saving money is crucial to building wealth, but you don’t want to focus so much on saving that you NEGLECT to earn more money.

Most people are so focused on clipping coupons and living frugally they miss major opportunities that could make
them a lot of money.

There’s no need to abandon practical savings strategies. However, if you want to ride on the road to riches, then STOP worrying about running out of money and focus on how to make MORE money!

Millionaires share a common strategy. They develop multiple streams of income and adopt smart savings habits.

NEVER buy things you can’t afford. If you live above your means, you will never travel on the road to riches.

Any man who needs to impress people with his stuff is usually a man who is financially struggling. Never buy anything to impress others. This is the number one biggest mistake in America.

Most people believe they should be content with a steady paycheck. This is a LIE and if you believe this, then you’ve been brainwashed.

Average people choose to get paid based on time — on a salary or hourly rate — while rich people choose to get paid based on results and are usually self-employed and are in total control of their income.

Punching a time clock for a paycheck is the slowest path. However, it is advertised the safest way. Great financial thinkers know this is not true. Self-employment is the fastest road to wealth.

Rich people continue starting businesses and building fortunes, while the masses almost guarantee themselves a life of financial mediocrity by staying in a job with a modest salary and yearly pay raises.

You must START investing.

Start making goldmoney your slave. Make money work for YOU!

One of the most effective ways to earn more money over time is investing it, and the earlier you start, the better.

Real wealth isn’t measured by the amount people make each year, but by how they’ve saved and invested over time.

You don’t have to be a genius before YOU start investing. You don’t have to be born in an affluent wealthy family and you don’t have to earn a massive paycheck.

DO NOT pursue someone else’s dreams — and ignore your own. If you want to be successful, you have to love what you do — that means determining and pursuing your own passions. You must know what you want in your life and the value you are willing to give to get it. 

Too many people make the mistake of chasing someone else’s dream — such as their parents or working for someone else who is pursuing their dreams.

When you pursue someone else’s dreams or goals, then you are actually helping them become wealthy – not you.  You may eventually become unhappy with your chosen profession. You will probably make a living or struggle financially and you simply won’t have the passion that is necessary for success to happen.

You MUST do things that are NOT comfortable for you if you plan to ride on the road to riches. If you want to build wealth, be successful, or get ahead in life, you’ll need to prepare for uncertainty or discomfort.

Believe it or not, rich people, in particular, find comfort in uncertainty because they are used to it.

World-class thinkers and millionaires learn early on that becoming a millionaire are not easy and the NEED for comfort too soon can be devastating to your financial wealth goals.

They learn to be comfortable no matter what. If you need to experience temporary discomfort for a chance to be wealthy then do it. They learn to be comfortable while operating in a state of ongoing uncertainty. You must roll with the punches and never settle for a life of mediocrity.

Rich people who travel on the road for riches discovered that overcoming fear and taking calculated risks are the key ingredients to achieving success.

Do you have goals for your MONEY?

millionaire-lifestyles1If you want to hop on the road to riches, the road will be easier — and more enjoyable — if you have a clear, specific goal in place before forming your plan for success.

Write down what you plan to do with the money you earn. How will you spend it? Do you want to buy a house? Travel once a month? Do you want to enjoy a peaceful retirement? Is your goal to take care of those you love and help them to succeed?

Rich people choose to attain wealth. Rarely does it just happen by pure accident. It takes focus, courage, knowledge, and a lot of effort — but it’s possible if you have precise goals and a clear vision.  Nearly every self-made millionaire had a mentor.

Experts say the #1 REASON most people do not get wealthy is because they do not know what they want. Rich people are totally clear that they want wealth because money creates more comfort, better quality, more peace of mind and helps others.

You must always PAY yourself first. Your bill collectors come last. This is another rule for getting rich.

Most people pay everyone else first and seldom pay themselves. They pay the landlord, the credit card company, the telephone company, the government, and on and on and seldom pay themselves.

You must pay yourself first. Let’s say 10% of your earnings is YOUR personal payment.  This is your savings. (This money is not to be spent on bills.) Then you use another 10% of your earning for investing – by making your money work for you.  Get an investment plan.

Another 10% should go to help others (charities or those in need).  You should also build an emergency fund of ($1K to $5K). The more money in your emergency fund the more peace of mind you’ll have. Emergency funds are for survival needs. (Car repairs, loss of income, house burns down, appliance repairs, house repairs, etc.)

You should learn to live on 70% of your earnings. This money goes to pay your bills, essentials, taxes and general living expenses.  If you earn $100K, then you live on $70K.  This will put you on the road to riches.

You must live within your means.  If you spend everything you earn, then you’re NOT on the road to riches – you’re in fact on the road to mediocrity and possible financial disaster.

Stop believing that getting rich is out of your reach.

The average person believes being rich is a privilege awarded only to lucky people or those who inherit money from very wealthy families. You’re lucky to live in a capitalist country and you have every right to be rich if you’re willing to create VALUE for others.

You have no more excuses. This is a brief, elementary and very valuable blueprint. You can hop on the road to riches if you follow these simple suggestions. They truly are the basics of getting wealthy.

Most millionaires had mentors that helped to guide them in almost everything you did in the business world.  Do not be foolish to think you should know everything. It’s impossible.  Get a mentor to help guide you. A mentor will add a lot of peace of mind and you’ll be certain to stay on your road to riches.  Find a mentor here.

Stock Buying Secrets

This is How the Super Wealthy Make Money with Stock Buying Secrets


Simple stock buying secrets are not difficult and the rich use them daily.

Did you know that savvy investors RENT OUT their stocks every month to generate possible HUGE returns on their investment?

Naturally, when they do RENT OUT their stocks, they usually do not call it renting: The term they like to  use is a “covered call.” This concept is when you sell an option to another investor to buy your stock at an agreed-upon figure.  This is often called a strike price.

Now, why on earth would you want to rent out your stock?

Here is an example of stock buying secrets and this is how this one will work:   Let’s say bought 1,000 shares of a company a few months or years ago for $20, and the stock has increased in price, but now seems to be stuck in a range, hovering around its current price of $24. It does not hurt you to own the stock. But it’s not doing much.

A bullish investor might pay you $24,000 to buy the shares from you on the open market. Or he could buy 10 call options for $2 per share, or $2,000 total investment. Each call option gives the right but not the obligation to buy 100 shares of the stock by a certain date at a specific price.

As the days go by . . .

The value of the call options will usually rise and fall with the value of the stock. So if that stock hits $27, the investor can use the option and buy all the stock or can just sell the option without ever owning the stock.

So if that investor bought October $25 calls for $2, they could now be worth $3.50 each, or $3,500. That’s a nice profit of $1,500 on a $2,000 investment.

It is essential that you know, every day that passes toward the option’s expiration day means these options become worth a little less money. If that stock goes down, the options become worthless, and the total investment of $2,000 could be lost.

If the stock rises to the strike price of $25 or higher, you will probably be called, which means you have to sell your stock at $25, which is not terrible because you bought it for $20 — plus you received $2,000 for the option. If that stock does not make it to $25, then you keep the $2,000 and the stock.

You could sell the next month’s call option at $25 for maybe another $2,000 — or sell a call further into the future for more money. This could be a great strategy if you are long (meaning you already own it). But it might not be optimal. After all, if you bought the stock at $20 and think it’s heading toward $40, then it would not be advisable to sell it at $25.

Stock buying secrets are many, but should almost never buy a stock just to sell the call.  You should like the stock on its own value, because if you buy it to sell a call, and the stock tanks, you could still lose much of your investment, regardless of the extra you could make on renting it out.

Secret Gold Vaults Are New Swiss Bank Accounts

Secret Gold Vaults Are the New Swiss Bank Accounts


Secret gold vaults are in demand. Deep in the Swiss Alps, next to an old airstrip suitable for landing Gulfstream and Falcon jets, is a vast bunker that holds what may be one of the world’s largest stashes of gold. The entrance, protected by a guard in a bulletproof vest, is a small metal door set into a granite mountain face at the end of a narrow country lane. Behind two farther doors sits a 3.5-ton metal portal that opens only after a code is entered and an iris scan and a facial-recognition screen are performed. A maze of tunnels once used by Swiss armed forces lies within.

The owner of these secret gold vaults wants to remain anonymous for fear of compromising security, and he worries that even disclosing the name of his company might lead thieves his way. He’s quick to dismiss questions about how carefully he vets clients but says many who come to him looking for a safe haven for their assets don’t pass his sniff test. “For every client we take, we turn one or two away,” he says. “We don’t want problems.”

Demand for SECRET GOLD VAULTS or gold storage has risen since the 2008 financial crisis. Many of the wealthy see owning gold as a hedge against the insecurity of banks and a reasonable investment at a time when markets are volatile and bank accounts and low-risk bonds pay almost no yield. It may also be a way to avoid the increasing scrutiny of tax authorities. In high-profile cases, U.S., French, and German prosecutors have gone after citizens of those countries with undeclared Swiss bank accounts.

Secret Gold Vaults or these Swiss storage operations such as these don’t have the same obligation that Swiss banks do to report suspicious transactions to federal regulators. Americans aren’t required under the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act to declare gold stored outside financial institutions.

Get more details here.



Online Business: Is it Possible Today?

Are Online Businesses Profitable?  Can a Newbie Succeed?

online businessThousands of people are looking at the Internet as a way to start online businesses. This is nothing new.  Many people have watched the Internet grow by leaps and bounds, and many people are still wondering if selling products and services on the Internet profitable?

The big question is … Can you make a good living with an Internet business?   This is a good question because many people are losing their jobs and many companies are closing their doors.  The Internet is sort of the last frontier for earning money.

Well, I all have to say is this;  Did Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com) succeed and is his multi-billionaire dollar empire real?  Answer – yes it is.  How about the Google boys – are they billionaires?  Answer.  Yes, many times over.

So, does everyone who starts an online business become successful? Answer. No.  There could be a variety of reasons they did not succeed. However, there are thousands of people who do succeed with their online business.  Creating an online business is easier when you do your homework and have a mentor.

Mentors will show you exactly what to do – step by step.  Discover exactly what to sell and what not to sell.  Learn how to bring people to your website.  A website with no visitors will fail.

There are certain business secrets you need in order to succeed – without the right ingredients you will surely fail.  There have been literally thousands of failures because they did not have a strong mentor or platform.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to earn money on the Internet.  You do not need to be a programmer or know any coding.  You don’t need to know how to build a website or anything techie.

It’s really fairly simple. Let me share one platform that many business “newbies” are using to start and create successful online businesses. Here it is.  Check out all the resources that are available for you.


Bitcoins: 65 Million Dollars Stolen

BitCoins Were Robbed!

bitcoins-amazingbizsecretsAbout 65 MILLiON DOLLARS worth of bitcoins were stolen.

Bitcoins have been traded for a few years and have been a savvy investment for some people.

However, the bitcoin exchange was robbed and now, they are investigating how it will effect bitcoin owners.  Bitcoins are like “digital gold”.

Discover more about the stolen Bitcoins here.

If Donald Trump become president (2017).  The price of BitCoins will skyrocket.  Trump has the ability to make many bitcoin owners rich!

Read more here. 

21 Millionaire Secrets: Seldom Revealed

millionaire-secrets- amazingbizsecrets.comDiscovering these 21 millionaire secrets will certainly benefit you if you have no clue where to start.

Self-Made Millionaire is an accomplishment most people are able to obtain because they do not know these valuable but simple secrets.

Did you know there are over 13 MILLION millionaires in America?  Yep!  Not all are self-made millionaires but millions of them are.

Most millionaires do not like to be seen as wealthy people.  Often times they dress down and drive cars that are 10 years old.  They seldom brag about their wealth or try to impress others.  They are usually humble, kind and giving to the right organizations.

1. A Millionaire always spends less than he earns

In fact his mantra is, over the long run, you’re better off if you strive to be anonymously rich rather than deceptively poor.

2. Millionaire Secrets- Be Patient.

Usually a millionaire is not made in one evening, it may take awhile, a self-made millionaire walks in the right direction. The self-made millionaire respects money and knows how to use it.  Always think before you do – never get in a rush and never buy anything on impulse.

milloinaire-lifestyle-53.  The Millionaire Next Door . . .

You may not know that your next door neighbor is a millionaire because he/she is not trying to impress anyone.  The self-made millionaire understands the real reason for accumulating wealth.

4. The Millionaire Understands Money and How to Use it.

The self-made millionaire will not waste money needlessly.  Money is to be respected and not lost to such things as credit card interest, etc.

joy-5. The Self-Made Millionaire knows that Money Will Not Buy Joy.

Money will not buy back the loss of a life or the sight of watching your own children running towards you with arms out.

6. A Millionaire Knows the Importance of Freedom and to Live in a Free Society.

Money provides more freedom.  Freedom to travel and to purchase the necessary items that create a more secure and comfortable life.

7. A self-made Millionaire does not fear work.  The harder he works the luckier he gets.

Time is not to be wasted.  Wasted time is like throwing money out the window.  Take advantage of every hour of the day.

8. Money is a Tool and is it must be put to good use.  Money management is important.

Money will not work unless you know how to use it wisely.  Money will earn more money, but only when it is managed and allowed to grow.

millionaire-lifestyle-49. Millionaires Always Pay Themselves First.

A certain percentage of any money earned should be placed in a separate account.  This your money.  It is not to be spent or invested.

10. Self Made Millionaires Know It is Not Actually Work if You’re Doing Something You Enjoy.

When you enjoy the the duties of a business owner, then it’s not difficult to put in 12 to 16 hour days.  This is fun to the self-made millionaire.

11. Part of the Millionaire Secrets is this; Creating a plan and working that plan is essential to success.

You must have a plan …then take action on the plan every day.  Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

12. A Millionaire Always Saves Money and Big Money Goals Are Part of His Plan.

Financial freedom is about saving money at every corner and paying yourself first.

13. Millionaires know that mistakes are all part of life.

Mistakes will happen – poor investments might occur, however, the self-made millionaire shrugs it off and keeps charging on.

millionaire-secrets - amazingbizsecrets.com14. Self-Made Millionaires know there are scams and rip-offs in our world.

The millionaire always does his homework and will usually have a team of people who can verify someone or a particular type of investment.  A millionaire invests his money wisely with the least amount of risk.

15. Self Made Millionaires Enjoy the Youth of the Young, but . . .

It’s never too late to start saving money.  Most self-made millionaires start early in their life while others start later.  It’s easier to start the millionaire mind-set when you’re young (20s) because you can create habits that will carry on for the rest of your life.

16. Millionaires Secretly Give to Charities

Often times, millionaires will secretly give to charities they believe in because they know that charitable giving is what life is about.  You must help others when you can.

17. Some Millionaires keep working a job and you never know they are Millionaires.

Many times, a self-made millionaire will keep working a job because it simply enjoys his job.  Most of the time, he’s living a debt free life as well.

18. Self-Made Millionaires Are Not Impressed by YOU.

Self-made millionaires seldom purchase cars or houses to impress others and they usually are not impressed by others who purchase things they really cannot afford.

19. The Millionaire never fall in love with material stuff.

The self-made millionaire knows the difference between people and material stuff.  Human life is much more important than a couch, a house or a car.  Protecting the people you love and your financial freedoms are extremely important.  You must live in a free country.

20.  Money is ONLY Good In the Area in Which it Works.

Those who say money is not important are saying, paying bills are not important.  These people say that a quality education is not important.  These people are also saying safety, comfort, transportation, house and food are not important.  Money is GOOD.

Millionaire Secrets - amazingbizsecrets.com21. Money is not the root of all evil.

The quote that is often misquoted is actually, “The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil.”

When you love money more than you love humanity then you have a thinking disorder.  Most self-made millionaires do not love money – they understand it is just a tool that provides comfort and peace of mind.

We provide valuable and life-changing courses that are taught by millionaires. Thousands of people are gaining much knowledge by simply watching these beneficial videos.  You will too.  Go Here Now.

Guarding Trade Secrets

trade-secrets-amazingbizsecretsMost companies GUARD trade secrets the best they can.  Through this desire to protect their success secrets is the reason it’s sometimes difficult for you to succeed. You must not only know the basics of business, but if you wish to compete with another company or market, then you must dig, scratch and climb the highest mountains.  Seek out great mentors whenever possible.

Companies fear competition as it eats into their profits- therefore they GUARD TRADE SECRETS.  If it took you long hours and years to accomplish success, then you may want to guard your secrets as well.

How should YOUR businesses be protecting YOUR trade secrets?
Adding simple computer features like security software and computer logouts and locks can reduce your exposure.

Companies should also limit access to sensitive company information to certain employees. Train employees to safeguard company information by locking it away after the workday, to keep and frequently change passwords on their computers and mobile devices, to avoid suspicious links and emails, and to shred hard documents.

Additionally, the use of external hard drives and thumb drives can make it easy to transport data, but also leaves it unsecured. It might be wise to prohibit their use can DECREASE the loss of the company’s trade secrets.

Have nondisclosure agreements with contractors, consultants, suppliers, vendors and other business partners that set forth the terms of the disclosure of any confidential information, including what is considered to be confidential, the term of the agreement, and the provisions for a breach of the agreement arising from an improper disclosure of trade secrets.

Employment agreements should also contain nondisclosure provisions to protect confidential information.

What does the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 mean for businesses?
Although the DTSA may provide added protections for companies, you still need to take precautions:

It May Benefit You to Guard Trade Secrets.

■  Limit exposure to certain employees. Educate your employees to protect the company’s trade secrets. Your trade secrets could be compromised by an ‘innocent’ social media post of a picture taken in a production area or discussions in unsecure locations like restaurants and airports.  Explain this to your employees – you never know who is listening.

■  You should eliminate unnecessary visitors or limit them from vulnerable ares of your company.  This policy can decrease the loss of trade secrets tremendously.

■  Revise employee agreements to fulfill the notice requirement of the DTSA for trade secret disclosure to the government. Under the new law, companies must provide notice of whistleblower and retaliation protections for reporting suspected trade secret violations to both current employees and contractors.

If this NOTICE is not provided, the company may lose exemplary damages and attorney’s fees in an action against that employee. You should also include a procedure in your company policies for an employee to report suspected trade secret violations to government officials.

Review and update current company trade secret policies to comply with the DTSA, taking into account soon-to-be former employees that may take trade secrets from the company and new employees that could bring trade secrets from a previous job.

It is uncertain how the DTSA will impact future litigation. However, businesses should review current agreements to comply with the new law. Trade secrets are valuable assets that must be protected. Creating policies to safeguard trade secrets within the organization can help to protect them. Get more information here.

Wealthy People Still Use Offshore Banking?

offshore banking - Amazing Biz SecretsMany wealthy Americans are running out of ingenious ways to hide their money. Is “Offshore Banking” still a good idea?  The IRS has been opening secret Swiss bank accounts on US citizens. Just last month, a settlement with the private bank – BSI – revealed bankers are using coded language and nameless credit cards to help Americans avoid taxes. Credit Suisse and UBS, Switzerland’s largest banks, have already paid fines for similar shenanigans.

The IRS, if possible, would take 100% of your money. They have no empathy for your situation or how hard you work.  Their job is to remove as much money from you as possible, even if it is illegal for them to do it.

The rest of the world is also getting less hospitable to American tax dodgers. A 2010 federal law, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, requires all foreign banks to report to the IRS on their American customers. IRS is certainly aware of offshore banks and what many people use them for.  It’s working so well that Americans abroad say they’re having problems opening accounts even for legitimate purposes. Banks don’t want the regulatory and paperwork hassle. 

What’s left for the secretive and tax-averse wealthy American? Not much, accountants and attorneys say. Here are a few ways the wealthy can still get privacy or lower taxes—though rarely both at the same time.

Offshore Banking?

There are many legal and good reasons to have an overseas or offshore bank account. Americans who live overseas might want ready access to their money. An offshore trust may offer more protection from creditors or lawsuits than one set up in the U.S. An overseas limited liability company, or LLC, might let you hide aspects of your business from competitors. That’s “totally” legal.

Traditionally, banks in tax havens such as Switzerland haven’t reported those accounts to the IRS, making it possible to hide not just what’s in the account but its entire existence.

Hide Money Inside a Shell

The wealthy often use shell companies, like LLCs, to buy property or investments, so that the company name, not the individual, shows up on public documents. Another reason these structures are used to buy into hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital funds: Rich investors mostly want to avoid endless solicitations for other investments. Once your name gets on an investment list, you get called by every proposal. Other investors won’t know your business, the IRS still will because LLCs are required to file tax returns every year.  Offshore banking is another method of keeping prying eyes away.

Use a Trust

Trusts can be used to keep assets hidden from nosy neighbors and to keep tax bills down, within reason. Income from property or investments held in the trust goes to the beneficiaries free of estate or gift taxes. Beneficiaries also can avoid regular income taxes—if the trust pays the taxes rather than the individual. Another advantage of trusts is the way they pass automatically to heirs after your death. Otherwise, your possessions and the details of your estate can be hammered in the probate system, which is not necessary.

Hire an Expert

The wealthy can still afford to hire sophisticated accountants, who spend years searching for legal methods to lower tax bills – including offshore banking.  Offshore accounts may be a thing of the past, however, it is still a tool. Most of the time, the goal isn’t to hide money but to control the timing of income and what form it arrives in. For example, taxpayers can pay lower rates if income is in the form of long-term capital gains rather than ordinary income.

Still, clients are getting cautious about aggressive tax planning, especially if it involves any overseas transactions. Taxpayers now know the IRS is watching what happens overseas.  Hide your money cautiously. Remember, the IRS is not your friend and never will be.

Find mentors to help guide you.

11 Entrepreneur Secrets

Entrepreneure cater to fat-lazy-slobs AmazingBizsecrets.com1. It’s Sad to Say, but Most People Today Are Fat Lazy Slobs . . .

Sad but true.  Most people today are fat lazy slobs.  They are spoiled rotten on technology and expect instant gratification.  Discover 11 entrepreneur secrets you did not know existed.

This may sound harsh.  Technology has made most people fat and lazy.  Whenever possible, people will seek to accomplish whatever needs to be done with as little effort as possible.  Be careful about inventing anything where the human must put out much effort.  Seriously!

Think of the most successful innovations in the past year, or the past decade, or even the past century. Now ask yourself whether they involved reducing effort or made our daily lives harder and in fact required greater effort. Whether you thought of automobiles, computers, mobile phones or – my personal favorite – the TV remote control, reducing effort (or increasing efficiency) pays dividends.

Despite all the Nutritional Knowledge and 24 hour Fitness Centers – Americans are Getting Fatter and Obesity is Increasing More Than Ever!

Technology is not only dumbing us down, but people are getting fatter and lazier too.

If you’re a business owner, I don’t think I would put my lifesavings into creating a business around anything that requires a human to put out much effort.

 Entrepreneurs should be cautious when trying to launch a new product or service that requires users to climb much (or any) of a learning curve. The magic of Apple devices has long been their intuitiveness. Easy-to-use doesn’t guarantee success, but “putting out effort” is a recipe for disaster.

Laziness is also found in how we think in regard to how much mental energy we exert to solve problems. Findings are discouraging: we tend to do the bare minimum and end up making serious errors of judgment as a result. In a nutshell, thinking is hard work and we don’t do any more work than absolutely necessary (and often not even that much). Given a choice between exerting more effort (mental or otherwise) or a little less, how many of us choose to work harder? That’s right – as a society, we have become fat lazy slobs!

2. Most People Are Into Instant Gratification . . .

WE WANT THINGS NOW!  We want things to be easier, we also want them to happen faster. As in, right now. Not later. How long are you willing to wait for a web page to load? How do you react to being put on hold? For most of us, the answers are: not very long and not very well.

The lessons for us? If we can delay gratification, we can attain some significant advantages. But as entrepreneurs, we should be just as wary about launching a business that requires our customers to wait or takes much effort. The success of the fast food industry should tell us all we need to know about the value of instant gratification among the fast lazy slobs of today.

3. Patience and Good Things Will Happen

Despite the tendency of people to prefer instant gratification, the process of starting and building a new business is slow and deliberate, without INSTANT rewards.

There are always a few exceptions – Facebook is often cited – but the definition of an exception is that it isn’t normal. And the greater the degree of novelty, the longer it will usually take to educate and persuade potential customers. That’s not to mention the core activities of developing the product, building a team and raising the capital to pay for everything.

There is a quickening happening in our world.  The days fly by. Time seems to evaporate, leaving us scrambling to catch up. Watch entrepreneurs working during the start-up phase of a new venture and you’ll find them working whenever they’re awake; they almost never sleep. They’ll tell you it’s because there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

4. A Good Team With a Good Idea

It is vitally important for any successful business to find a group of people who work well together.  Mixing their strenghts and weaknesses is an art. Establishing a TEAM of people with the skills to make a business run like a well tuned engine is incredible.

Investors are fond of saying they’d rather bet on an “A” team with a “B” idea than a “B” team with an “A” idea. They know that business models change, technologies evolve, and customer tastes are in a constant state of flux. Those same investors will tell you that most business plans are obsolete the second they come off the printer.

Simply put, there’s no substitute for being part of a market. There’s tremendous value in simply getting started and learning as you experience the daily activities. The process of trying, fixing, and trying again is how entrepreneurs figure out what their customers really want and what it will take to deliver against those expectations.  Entrepreneur secrets are always found in the way he runs a business.

5. Entrepreneurs Know they Must Work Hard to Create A Dream Business.

Harvard Professor Michael Porter describes the essence of strategy as “deciding what not to do.” Leaders who aren’t able to make tough choices doom their organizations to mediocrity when they do too many things in an adequate way and nothing with excellence as the desirable standard. The hardest thing for a new company to do is say “No” to a customer. But if you chase every shiny penny you see on the sidewalk, you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up somewhere you didn’t want to be. Businesses evolve, but they can’t be everything to everybody. Recognizing when trade-offs have to be made, and having the mental discipline to make hard choices often separates the winners from the losers.

6. SH*T Happens!

Entrepreneurs expect many things to go wrong. Entrepreneurs and business owners always do the best they can.  When things do not go as planned, then the secret of the entrepreneur will simply find a quick solution.  Often times, business is about putting out daily fires.  A big secret of most entrepreneurs is this;  every problem has a solution – however, it’s up to the knowledge of a business owner to find the best solution possible.  If you do not want to be a problem solver, then do not be a business owner.  Just get a job, show up and collect a paycheck.  Many times, an entrepreneur wants a successful business so much, that they will hire a mentor or business coach to help guide them.

7. An Entrepreneur Will Take Care of Himself or Herself . . .

A good balance of nutrition and exercise is an important secret among successful business owners.  Staying fit physically, emotionally and mentally is extremely important to achieve all the hard working goals.

It almost never fails. When a person neglects their body, then their emotional and mental minds are also damaged.  Before long, their business will suffer, then it may go out of business.  The business owner and the business must remain healthy and strong.  Another entrepreneur secret.

In order to accomplish all the daily, weekly and annual goals, a business owner must stay strong.  Fatigues will destroy a business owner.  Business owner often believe in power naps.  Getting plenty of restful sleep is important.  A fresh and focused mind creates great decisions.

8. People Who Say “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” . . .

Don’t sweat the small stuff?  Are you kidding me?  The small stuff is usually the most important ingredients in establishing a successful business.

The example of a buy/sell clause in a shareholders agreement is another example of a detail or small stuff, which, if overlooked, can literally destroy a business. When it comes to cost and revenue drivers, lacking a crystal clear sense of what influences each one, and how costs and revenues move together (or don’t) can be catastrophic. This is not meant to encourage micro-management. Knowing the details is important. What you do with that knowledge is another thing altogether.

9. Entrepreneur Secrets to Learning About Success and Failure . . .

We can learn from success. We can learn from failure. We can learn from our own experiences and from what happens to others. We can learn from what we see and hear today as well as from history.

Learn from our daily lessons.  Bad choices will provide you with a lesson learned.  Good choices will do the same thing.  Learn from everything and listen to others when they speak.  When the entrepreneur stops learning, the world moves past us. Ask yourself what really new thing you’ve learned in the past 24 hours or the last week. And if you can’t, watch a TED talk, pick up a magazine you’ve never read before, or find a blog that sounds interesting. It might not help, but it’s hard to imagine how learning something new will do you any harm.  Secrets to a successful entrepreneur is to be constantly learning.  Some successful people read a book a day or a book week.  No kidding!

10. Don’t be an AssH*le!

If you want to build an organization with great people, then you need quality people with great attitudes to be part of your team.  You do not attract quality people by being an asshole.

The best people will exercise their options to work with the best situation they can find.  Quality people have options – YOU may not always be their only option.

You might be a technical genius, a visionary thinker, and/or a world-class salesperson. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also be kind, considerate and empathetic. The best organizations in the world (armies or companies or churches) are made up of volunteers – people who passionately believe in what they’re doing and choose to be there. If talented people are in your organization despite you rather than because of you, sooner or later they’ll be somewhere else.

Laziness. Impatience. Unpredictability. These are hardly virtues and it’s a list unlikely to appear in anyone’s advice column on how to get ahead in life. But I do believe these are characteristics that shape our lives – as do our inner selves. We don’t have to be proud of these particular aspects of human nature, but we should at least acknowledge them.

11.  Don’t Cheat Your Customers

Businesses who cheat their customers on a regular basis usually do not last very long.  Negative comments to others travels faster and to more people than positive comments.  Building a trusting relationship with customers is vitally important to life of a business.  A business simply will not survive if they “feel” cheated.  Loyalty is everything when starting a business.  Loyalty creates repeat business and keeps customers from running to the competition.  Trust building is a big secret with successful entrepreneurs.  Discover a few of the best mentors that will help you succeed faster and easier. 

12 Big Business Mistakes

12 Big Business Mistakes - AmazingBizSecrets.comTop 12 Big Mistakes in Online and Offline Business that you can avoid to make your business grow faster and more efficiently.

#1 Big Business Mistakes. Timing is Everything.  Waiting too long to Start the Business.

Everything does not need to be perfect before you begin.  The most secret word any entrepreneur will learn is the word “START”.   Just create the plan and work the plan.  Most people wait way to long before starting. They enjoy talking about their business idea or concept, but they never start it.  Why?   We’ll talk about this later.  It is one of the biggest business mistakes ever.

Many people have great ideas, but they are working a regular job and family and do not have much time.  It takes a strong and willful person to work a regular job, care for a family and also start a business.  There are only 16 working hours in a day.  It’s tough.

Many beginning wanna-be business owners fear failure and often talk themselves into placing their dream business ‘idea’ on the shelf.

The risk of starting a business and nobody purchases the product or service is a fearful thought to many beginning business owners.  Negative thoughts often creates negative results.  If you never start, then you’ll never know how your idea or concept could have changed the lives of thousands or millions of people.

#2 Big Business Mistakes. Not Enough Research to Make Sure the Problem to be Solved has a Large Enough Market.

Business is all about solving problems.  If your product or service solves a problem, but not ENOUGH people care about spending money to solve that particular problem…then your market is probably too small to succeed.

This is mistake is nothing new. Businesses fail all the time because they try to solve a problem that nobody really cares about.   Creating a more important problem solving product or service might be what you need to do.  Investing money into trying to convince people to buy something they don’t care about is not wise.  Find your market first, then create a product they want to buy.

#3 Big Business Mistakes. Not Respecting Potential Customers are Their Comments.

Listen to your customers. YOU MUST LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Interviews or put out surveys.  Ask your potential customers buying questions.  If people are not buying, then discover why they didn’t buy. Most customers will tell you why they did not purchase from you.  If you have too many refunds, then something is not right.  Improve your product.  Give your customers what they want!

#4 Big Business Mistakes. If Your Product is Not Unique, Then It May be Over-Looked.

Your customers have a huge variety of product options in most any market.  If your business has competition, you have to give your potential customers a reason to choose your offering over another.  It must be more unique, better price or better quality.

Businesses are not usually successful if your mission is to create a product or service less than your competitors.  This is a BIG mistake and most businesses fail due to this idea of giving their customers less than they deserve.

#5 Big Business Mistakes. Creating a Product or Service When Your Heart is Not into It.

Most people fail when they start a business they are NOT passionate about.  They go through the motions and it shows.  It doesn’t take too long and they usually fail and lose their investment.

Competitors who care about their business will put those who do not care out of business very quickly.

This doesn’t mean your business has to be your #1 “passion” or life’s work (most of us don’t have one single passion in life), but don’t make things impossible by choosing something you don’t care about.

#6 Big Business Mistakes.  Starting Your Business With Visions of Grand Doing.

Creating a workable plan is a good idea.  However, do not set up your expectations so high that it is not realistic.

These are the hard truths that most people rarely talk about. Overnight successes rarely exist. Your original plan will probably have to be completely re-written, maybe multiple times in order to make your expectations more real.

It is important to find a mentor who has already done almost exactly what you’re doing or thinking of doing.  An honest mentor will share with you all the pitfalls and more of what you should expect – this is why he or she is a mentor or a coach – because they guide you in the right direction.

A big mistake is not doing the homework necessary to make sure this business something that will be of value to you…..and will the income replace the income from your regular job.

#7 Big Business Mistakes. Stop Being a Loner.

No one can succeed in business by themselves.  It usually takes a team of people. You will need other people to make it work. Your customers are people, your suppliers are people, your service providers are people.

Even if you create an online business.  Starting a blog or website and selling affiliate products will require much time and other people.

The more connected you become with other entrepreneurs, the more fun and the faster your business will grow. Mastermind with other people.

Reach out to other entrepreneurs or a mentor. Share your struggles and goals, and review your progress each week. This simple process is extremely powerful.

#8 Big Business Mistakes. Confusing a Hobby with a Business.

A hobby usually will not make you a penny.  If you want to earn an income from your efforts, then it is important to treat it like a business.

Keep track of all your expenses and any income generated.  A big mistake is confusing a hobby with starting a business.  Either you intend for it to be an income generating business or you’re not.

#9 Big Business Mistakes.  Procrastination. Not Starting.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake of all. Don’t be that friend who talks and talks about starting a business for years and never does anything thing about it.

It’s easy to get so worried about all the possible mistakes that you never get started at all. But that’s the only way to guarantee failure.
Starting a business isn’t a sure thing — it takes guts and intelligence and heart and hustle — but you will get better over time ONLY if you start.

The best way to ensure you’ll succeed is simply this: don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are part of the process. So dive in, get started and find a community to support you… because you are not alone.

#10 Big Business Mistakes.  Don’t Listen to Negative Stinking Thinking.

Most people never start or own a business. Those who do have a dream of owning an independent business is unique.  Yes, there are millions of small business in our country, but there are many more people who do not even think of starting a business.  They simply get up each day…show up at their job and collect a pay check.  This is their mentality.

Those who do not have similar dreams as you will try to steal it from you.  They want you to be like them.  They cannot relate to your dreams because they think of themselves as losers.

Don’t discuss your dreams with others who do not share your dreams. Only share your ideas with those who also excited about the venture.  This is a huge mistake of allowing stinking thinking of others to spoil your future.

#11 Big Business Mistakes.  Under Capitalized.

Being under capitalized is a huge mistake when starting a business – rather it be offline or online.  It takes money or an investment to start and succeed in business.  You must have enough money to pay at least the essentials.  A business can be expensive and not having enough money to go forward can slow you down.  A good mentor can provide you with the investment that is required to guarantee some type of success.

#12 Big Business Mistakes. Spending too much time Thinking and NOT enough Action!

All talk and no action is a big mistake.  You must take action to make things happen.  This is probably the #1 biggest mistake.  Most people enjoy talking about what they plan to do – but make a big mistake by not taking action.  These people are all talk – no action.  Avoid this big mistake by becoming a LIST maker.  Create a list of things that need to be done every day.

You must accomplish a list of “actions” every day.  Each day is like laying a few more bricks on the house – one day it will be finished and you’ll look back and thank yourself.  Follow through and make it happen.  Mentors are always good to keeping you on track and in the right direction.