How to find the Good Life!

Mentoring and coaching services are available.  As you’re aware, a mentor or coach who can explain and provide short cuts for success is worth it’s weight in gold.  A good mentor or coach know the closely guarded secrets.  Most of our most valuable and most respected people in business have had coaches and mentors.  Sometimes it was the father who taught his son, sometimes it was a man or woman who worked under someone as an apprentice for several years to learn a trade or business concept.


Millions of people are not born into wealth and they did not inherit a seat on the board of directors of their father’s company. However, there are millions of people who refuse to be enslaved to a corporate job. Millions of people are unemployed due to our economy. Millions of people, just like you, want to start and own a profitable small business.  They want to be a creator of jobs and a creator of products or services. Unfortunately, it is increasingly getting more difficult to accomplish as the powers-at-be create more regulations.


Advice #1: Find a Mentor
Whether in business, self-development or Internet marketing, growth can be rapidly moved forward by finding a good reliable mentor. Mentoring helps you develop at a faster rate, helping you learn faster, develop skills more efficiently and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. A mentor, like a good teacher, will help you understand exactly what you need to learn, how to learn it and the best time for you to take action on what you learned.

Successful people usually seek mentors in life because that’s the fastest way to learn.

Advice #2: Don’t Work on too Many Projects at Once by Yourself
A huge mistake beginners make is thinking they need to do everything alone. Focus your energy on the most vital areas of your business; the areas that encourage growth and will help you reach your goals faster. If you work on too many projects at once you will find your progress is slow and hindered by many barriers. You can’t be an expert in every discipline, so outsource work where you can. Set aside a budget for delegating work to third parties that prevent you from paying attention to more important areas of your business. Taking on more and more work yourself will see you bogged down unnecessarily in tasks that will significantly slow your progress. Outsourcing will also allow you to have more valuable time away from your computer.

Advice #3: Utilize Free Resources and Paid Resources.
When a person first decides to get involved in any busines project, he or she will be exposed to numerous different online money making products.  The truth is, almost every marketing method you will read about is potentially a profitable one, but mastering one takes considerable time.

In addition to this, make use of as much free information as you can. There is a huge amount of great reference material online that can be found in books, eBooks, video and on blogs. It is often difficult to sift through conflicting information and ideas online, but again, ask your mentor and trusted associates for help in directing you toward informative blogs, forums and other reliable free resources.

Advice #4 Maintain Persistence
You never know when the breakthrough will come, it could be next week, it might even be tomorrow, or it could take six more months. If things are getting on top of you then take a step back from your business and re-think your strategy. Ask yourself, “Am I focusing my energy, time and investment on areas conducive to leading me to my goal?” “Are there things I am avoiding, ignoring or am I seriously doing my best that could better position me for success?”

Your success in business is dependent on your mental attitude, your strategy and your devotion to learning and developing yourself on a daily basis. Commit to your goal of becoming successful and be persistent in your endeavors.

A good mentor or coach could show you the ropes and possibly help you move more smoothly through the hoops and loopholes that WILL make small businesses succeed.  The best and most valuable asset a personal COACH has; is their time.  There is just so much time in a day. Once that day is gone, then it’s gone forever.  Depending on your needs, PERSONAL coaching could cost from $150 per hour to $5,000 per hour.  COACHING can usually be accomplished with one-on-one meetings, personal phone conversations, skype or email.

Video coaching courses work great also . . .plus more affordable.

Extremely effective video courses  are less expensive than hiring a personal coach. Thousands of small business owners have benefited greatly from business video courses.  (See Mentors)

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