Secrets of the Corrupt Banking System

Secrets of the Corrupt Banking System

corruptbankingsystemIt’s no secret concerning the hidden secrets and the corruption of the banking system.  More and more people are becoming aware of their corrupt and daily activities.  Below review the sick and corrupt banking system that needs to be changed or removed.

Shortly after the Federal Reserve (Fed) was established in the USA in 1913, the international Banksters changed the process of how banks lend money to the American people and the rest of the world. They did this by removing the gold backed US dollar and replaced it with fiat currency that is backed by the good faith and credit of the American people. This criminal act made every American a slave to the Banksters and has slowly destroyed the Western economy.

Did you know banks don’t lend real money?

Today, banks don’t actually lend out real money, but instead lend out notes or checks that are backed by a promise to pay. Before lending out these notes or checks, the borrower has to sign documents that have terms and conditions written on them along with a price tag (the amount of money the borrower agrees to pay back). A more specific name for these documents is “negotiable contracts.”

These negotiable contracts or negotiable instruments are basically IOUs with a natural person’s signature on them.

Due to the corruption in the financial system, banks can legally create money out of thin air. However, they can’t lawfully create money. Unfortunately, the people have become too scared and ignorant to challenge the criminal banking system, and therefore the Banksters who control the banking system think they can do whatever they want.

Before I expose more secrets of the banking system, let us turn our attention to the two words lawful and legal. When it comes to the Western justice system, knowing the difference between these two words can either free you or enslave you.   Discover more about our corrupt banking system here.

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