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In his most infamous YouTube ad, which begins with him revealing his new Lamborghini, Lopez claims he was broke “with only $47.00 in my bank account, sleeping on a couch in a mobile home.”  He dropped out of college and moved back in with his mother.  Lopez is a great mentor too.

Lopez claims he convinced five multi-millionaire entrepreneurs to mentor him which, along with his propensity to read “a book a day”, led to his success. But before he shared his secrets to wealth and happiness with the world, Tai was busy running a number of online dating websites.

In 2007 , he became the new owner of Elite Global Dating, LLC, which already had numerous dating websites under its belt. By 2015, the company owned almost a dozen. 

There are a few pros and cons of Tai Lopez and his methods of success.  He is now known for his online course on how he claims changes the lives of thousands of people.  The course is very affordable and is totally guaranteed.  (See Mentors)

What is Business

What is Good Business?
What is the #1 Reason People Do Not Buy?

whatisgoodbusinessMost people know the basics of what business is about.  A business usually allows a certain marketplace to enjoy the benefits of certain products and services for exchange for something of monetary value.

A good and fair business transaction is when both parties agree and are comfortable with the trade.  When one party is not agreeable or does not feel they are getting a fair deal, then usually the business transaction will not happen or if it does happen, then the buyer or seller may think they were cheated.  This is called bad business.  This is common sense.   The #1 reason people do not purchase a product or service is not price, quality or benefits ….what is it?

Naturally, it’s always the best policy, as a seller, to be honest with the benefits of the product or service and provide it with honor an integrity.  There is an old saying “buyer beware”.   The buyer must always beware of any “seller” who has not established your trust.  Unfortunately, there are “sellers” who will take advantage and give you less than you were promised.

There are several agencies put into place to help protect the consumers;  the BBB (better business bureau), the consumer fraud division and the courts.  However, your best bet is to do your due diligence on the “seller” before performing a business transaction.  Check to see if there has been many complaints or dissatisfied customers.  Ask about their guarantee or product warranties.

“Sellers” who do not practice this one important lesson will eventually fail quickly.  Their business will not last long.  Competitors who practice this one ingredient will win the marketplace almost every time.

Good Business

Good business involves “sellers” who invest into building their reputation and trust with their “buyers”.  Establishing a good trusting relationship with customers is extremely important.  Good business creates loyal customers who turn into repeat customers, time and time again.  Sellers who treat their customers like “gold” have discovered the secret to good business.

Trust is the #1 reason people
do not purchase a product or service.