8 Secrets for More Youtube Views

8 Secrets for More YouTube Views.

The more Youtube Views you have the more your message will spread. We’ve got you covered with secret tips that will help catapult your YouTube video views.

These 8 Secrets will absolutely help you give a head start among those who do not use them.

Annotations across videos

You’ve certainly seen the text that says things like “Thumbs Up!” or “Subscribe!”? Those are called YouTube annotations. They are promotional ways to help increase your youtube video views.  By using these things called ANNOTATIONS -you can link from one video to another.  You can invite views to watch your playlist.

Annotations will invite your viewers to do the next step.  Annotations will increase viewers without a doubt.  How To Use YouTube Annotations To Maximize Your Subscribers, Views & Overall YouTube Success and check out annotations in action in the video below. We created a collection of viral video compilations and used annotations to link every single video together, to entice viewers to watch not just one video, but all of the videos in the collection.


Playlists are a great way to increase viewers.  A playlist is a list, or group, of videos that will play in order, one video after another after another. Playlists come up separately in search results. That means, if you’ve got a video about DOGS or a playlist about animals that includes the DOG video, viewers will have more opportunities when searching to find your video. They may choose to watch your playlist, or they may choose to watch your DOG video.

Additionally, because playlists play your videos automatically one after the other, when viewers watch playlists they typically watch more of your videos, which INCREASES the views across your channel. Playlists can also be embedded, so viewers can watch all your videos together on your blog or website.


Subscribers are the best method to get more views on your videos. After all, the people that subscribe are your fan base and they are ready and waiting for you to upload new videos. The more subscribers you’ve got, the more views you will get uploading your video. When someone subscribes, all of your new videos will show up on their home page and they may even subscribe to be notified by email when you upload something new to the video site.

How do you get new subscribers? Aside form uploading great content on a regular basis, ask! A lot of viewers aren’t thinking about subscribing to anyone at all, but if an annotation pops up on the screen reminding them to subscribe or, better yet, if you ask them yourself in your video, they will be more likely to click through to subscribe.


As you build up your subscriber base it’s important to communicate with your fans. One of the best ways is through bulletins. Just about a year ago, YouTube introduced bulletins. Bulletins let you easily send out text and videos to all of your subscribers and the bulletins appear on the homepage of your subscribers. Don’t be shy – send out bulletins to let your subscribers know when you upload new videos.

Video Responses

Another method to get more views on your YouTube videos is by posting them as video responses on more popular related videos.

So how is it done? Head over to the video you’d like to post your video response to. You’ll notice that next to the comment box you can click on “Create a video response”. Click and you’ll be directed to a page that lists all of your videos. Click on the one you’d like to use as your video response. It takes two seconds and can be a great way to get extra video views.

Spread Your Videos Around.  

Post your videos anywhere you can.  It will increase your youtube viewers tremendously.  Post on all the social media sites.  Get your fans and friends to post your videos as well.


By commenting on videos that you like, subscribing to and following other cool video makers and reaching out to your YouTube “idols” you can do a world of good. Not only does joining the community spread your name around.  Find great mentors here.