Donald Trump: Life and Times

The Life and Business Secrets of Donald Trump

donald-trump- amazingbizsecrets.comMost people do not know the real Donald Trump.  Discover a few of the guarded secrets of Donald Trump.

Discover many of his successful business projects and a few of his failures.  Find out what he likes and dislikes.  Learn what works and what don’t.  Discover hidden secrets.

The below video will illustrate the Donald’s visions and how he makes it work.  There is only one real Donald Trump.

Donald Trump as a boy and as an adult, was always a person who enjoyed attention.  Trump was sort of a trouble maker in school and his father sent him to a military academy to learn discipline.

Donald Trump attended the Wharton School of Business.  At age 28, he was pushing a concept that would appear to be impossible.  The commodore project was his project.  Donald’s quote, “Don’t tell me how it cannot be done – tell me how it CAN be done.”

One of Trump’s business secrets is . . .he made himself famous in order to be a better marketer.  The more people talk about you, the more famous you get.  The more people see your name, the more famous you get.  The more famous you get, the more people want to do business with you.  Trump created a brand that equates to….trust and quality.  Trump was and is a master at getting his name in Newspapers.  Anytime there is an article written about Donald Trump in a national publication or newspaper – it means it’s free advertising.  And that can’t be bad.

Donald Trump has a Gift.

Trump has a gift. He is a visionary. He also seems to know what people want – then he sells it to them.  Easy, right?  Well, it can be.  Although Trump enjoys doing business of all kinds – he looks at it as WAR. It’s not a playground.  Trump is all about winning.  Donald Trump has always been and is a straight talker.  Most successful men and women have great mentors.  Trump’s mentor was his father, but Trump has had many other trusted mentors throughout his business life.

Today, as this blog is being written, Trump is running for the president of the United States of America.  He has a huge movement of people.  Donald Trump is running as a Republican and has gained more votes during the primary than any republican in the history of America.  Now he is the republican presidential nominee and is running against Hillary Clinton.

Will he win?  Time will tell.