Unique Methods Drive Website Traffic

Unique Methods Drive Traffic to Your Business Website.

Website Traffic is the #1 problem for most business oriented websites.

website-trafficWebsite traffic is usually the #1 problem for many businesses. Millions of website owners have a great product or service, but they just can’t seem to get the traffic to flow to their website. To solve this problem here are 21 marketers and best tip on driving traffic to a website in 2016. Their answers may surprise you.

The techniques and strategies 21 marketers believe will help you generate traffic to your website in 2016. As you saw, most of them are simply different “variations” of content creation. As you probably already know, content is always king.

Not only in terms of its promotion and engagement, but also in terms of its research and creation. Creating quality content will be the foundation of a successful website that will surely start receiving a ton of traffic in no time. But above all, provide as much value as possible to people and watch your traffic skyrocket by using the proper traffic getting methods.

Discover several unique methods for driving traffic.  Also find a few great mentors right here.

8 Fast Website Traffic Secrets: Frank Kern Would Love This.

8 Fast Website Traffic Secrets: Frank Kern Would Love This.

8-fast-website traffic secrets: Frank Kern Will Love ThisSo, the zillion dollar question. How to get more website traffic to your website or blog with hardly any effort?  Below find our 8 fast website traffic secrets.  Even Frank Kern will love this.
Create the best content possible. That’s what people want.

People go to websites because they want something. It could be to buy something, to learn something, to be entertained by something, or a variety of reasons. The better you are at giving people what they want, the more traffic you will get.

1. Most of the blog articles that receive the most traffic are LISTS.

Lists make it easier for the reader to digest and it sounds more exciting.

Here’s examples of top lists:

  1. 37 Ingenious ways to cook hamburger
  2. 10 Most Wanted
  3. 20 Fitness Experts You Should Know About
  4. 17 Ways to Say I Love You

2. Simply Mention Someone Famous – You’ll Get More TRAFFIC.

Think about it this way:  Frank Kern has been a direct sales guru for several years and most people in the internet marketing industry know of him.

If I wrote an article called: 10 Things That Frank Kern Loves.

I don’t need Frank Kern’s permission to write about him, but I get all of the benefits of having his name associated with our article and what it represents.

Frank Kern is one of the best direct sales people on the planet. That means these tips must be the best tips in the world, right?

If I simply write a title about how to pull in more traffic to your website, then there are gobs of people writing articles about website traffic – I’d be just another guy writing about website traffic.

3. Send LINKS out that mention other related websites.

You should have at last four out of five of your blog articles with website linking out. These articles also had noticeably longer visitor times.

Don’t be scared to link out and show some love. If you recommend something or someone and your reader likes where you sent them, then they will end up trusting you more.  Trust is everything.

4. Your Blog or Article title can make or break an article.  THINK!

If you are stuck trying to come up with a title of a post, go to the supermarket and look at the magazines. Modify titles of articles to make them relevant to something you want to write about.  Great titles will only encourage more website traffic.

5. Motivation beats inspiration and instruction

Make sure most of your articles on are motivational.  Below are usually the categories most articles will fall under.

  • Motivational
  • Tutorials
  • Inspirational
  • Reviews
  • News
  • Interviews

Motivational, is the type of posts that make you take action and start working.

Tutorials, are articles showing you how to do something. These can often be monetized well by recommending products required to do what you instruct in the tutorial.

Inspirational, is the type of post that gives you ideas.

Reviews, we review products and mention them in our customer autoresponders.

News, often something I would shy away from because it’s not evergreen (always relevant) content. If it gives me a positive ROI, then I will publish them.

It seems people value motivation higher than anything else. It’s not often lacking the skills that holds us back, it’s our work rate. Motivational posts help us focus more on our goals.

6. Content is always King….we know this.  Make a plan.

The more traffic you generate through a few simply strategies, then the more more you’ll earn.  Website traffic is essential – without it, you only have a hobby and a nice looking website.

7. If You’re in a Position to Pay for Articles, then This may be the way to go.

Many high website traffic blogging sites pay for their articles.

The cost of an article can be from $20 to $150.  However, if the author is good and knows how to SEO his articles, then it can bring you hundreds or thousands of new visitors.  This means more profits for you.

Would you like other people to write your articles for you?  Just ask.
In this screen shot, you can see that the article is now getting more traffic weekly then it did in it’s first week. I have done nothing to it since the day it was published. None of us are SEO experts.  Work on creating great content for you blog and the website traffic may find you with just a little nudge here and there.

8.  Promote Your Bog / Website

Some website owners do not give a poop about social media, however, sometimes it can help.  Youtube and all the social media sites love a good blog with valuable, inspirational, informational and motivational content.  Spread the word.

For more information about increasing web traffic (see courses)

To Conclude:

To write posts that drive lots of traffic, make sure to:

  • Write it in a list form, number it.
  • Mention POPULAR people your readers will know, it will draw them in.
  • Link out to other websites.
  • Write the perfect title for your article.
  • Motivate your reader.
  • Create a plan and make it happen.

These Methods Have Proven to Be Highly Effective.  I know you can do this and it’s really not very difficult.  WHY?  Because you’re a WINNER!

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