11 Reasons You Will Never Be Wealthy

11 Reasons WHY You Will NEVER Be Wealthy.


Most people do not believe this, but nearly everyone on earth has the same opportunity to become wealthy.

However, most people do not know how. Most millionaires are not born. They had mentors who taught them step-by-step.  There are certain money secrets that are purposely kept from you. Why? This is a subject for another time, but for now, let’s discuss the reasons you will never be wealthy IF you imitate the masses.

Most financial wealth secrets are not taught in school. Most people graduate from high school and college can’t even balance a check book.

Below are certain signals that you may not be on the road to riches.

If you’re focusing on working hard vs. working smart, then this is your FIRST mistake!

Working hard will not make you wealthy. Hard working construction workers working hard in the hot sun probably will never experience real wealth.

One way of working smart is investing your money —that is, taking advantage of compound interest so that your money earns money. You must discover how to make “money” your slave. You must discover how to make the money you earn “work” to make you more money.

You can do this without a lot of risks. You can do this without a lot of time or effort. It’s much easier than you think.

If you’re putting too much emphasis on saving — and not enough thought on earnings, then you’re NOT on the road to riches. Another way to work smart? Increase your earnings not just your savings.

Yes, saving money is crucial to building wealth, but you don’t want to focus so much on saving that you NEGLECT to earn more money.

Most people are so focused on clipping coupons and living frugally they miss major opportunities that could make
them a lot of money.

There’s no need to abandon practical savings strategies. However, if you want to ride on the road to riches, then STOP worrying about running out of money and focus on how to make MORE money!

Millionaires share a common strategy. They develop multiple streams of income and adopt smart savings habits.

NEVER buy things you can’t afford. If you live above your means, you will never travel on the road to riches.

Any man who needs to impress people with his stuff is usually a man who is financially struggling. Never buy anything to impress others. This is the number one biggest mistake in America.

Most people believe they should be content with a steady paycheck. This is a LIE and if you believe this, then you’ve been brainwashed.

Average people choose to get paid based on time — on a salary or hourly rate — while rich people choose to get paid based on results and are usually self-employed and are in total control of their income.

Punching a time clock for a paycheck is the slowest path. However, it is advertised the safest way. Great financial thinkers know this is not true. Self-employment is the fastest road to wealth.

Rich people continue starting businesses and building fortunes, while the masses almost guarantee themselves a life of financial mediocrity by staying in a job with a modest salary and yearly pay raises.

You must START investing.

Start making goldmoney your slave. Make money work for YOU!

One of the most effective ways to earn more money over time is investing it, and the earlier you start, the better.

Real wealth isn’t measured by the amount people make each year, but by how they’ve saved and invested over time.

You don’t have to be a genius before YOU start investing. You don’t have to be born in an affluent wealthy family and you don’t have to earn a massive paycheck.

DO NOT pursue someone else’s dreams — and ignore your own. If you want to be successful, you have to love what you do — that means determining and pursuing your own passions. You must know what you want in your life and the value you are willing to give to get it. 

Too many people make the mistake of chasing someone else’s dream — such as their parents or working for someone else who is pursuing their dreams.

When you pursue someone else’s dreams or goals, then you are actually helping them become wealthy – not you.  You may eventually become unhappy with your chosen profession. You will probably make a living or struggle financially and you simply won’t have the passion that is necessary for success to happen.

You MUST do things that are NOT comfortable for you if you plan to ride on the road to riches. If you want to build wealth, be successful, or get ahead in life, you’ll need to prepare for uncertainty or discomfort.

Believe it or not, rich people, in particular, find comfort in uncertainty because they are used to it.

World-class thinkers and millionaires learn early on that becoming a millionaire are not easy and the NEED for comfort too soon can be devastating to your financial wealth goals.

They learn to be comfortable no matter what. If you need to experience temporary discomfort for a chance to be wealthy then do it. They learn to be comfortable while operating in a state of ongoing uncertainty. You must roll with the punches and never settle for a life of mediocrity.

Rich people who travel on the road for riches discovered that overcoming fear and taking calculated risks are the key ingredients to achieving success.

Do you have goals for your MONEY?

millionaire-lifestyles1If you want to hop on the road to riches, the road will be easier — and more enjoyable — if you have a clear, specific goal in place before forming your plan for success.

Write down what you plan to do with the money you earn. How will you spend it? Do you want to buy a house? Travel once a month? Do you want to enjoy a peaceful retirement? Is your goal to take care of those you love and help them to succeed?

Rich people choose to attain wealth. Rarely does it just happen by pure accident. It takes focus, courage, knowledge, and a lot of effort — but it’s possible if you have precise goals and a clear vision.  Nearly every self-made millionaire had a mentor.

Experts say the #1 REASON most people do not get wealthy is because they do not know what they want. Rich people are totally clear that they want wealth because money creates more comfort, better quality, more peace of mind and helps others.

You must always PAY yourself first. Your bill collectors come last. This is another rule for getting rich.

Most people pay everyone else first and seldom pay themselves. They pay the landlord, the credit card company, the telephone company, the government, and on and on and seldom pay themselves.

You must pay yourself first. Let’s say 10% of your earnings is YOUR personal payment.  This is your savings. (This money is not to be spent on bills.) Then you use another 10% of your earning for investing – by making your money work for you.  Get an investment plan.

Another 10% should go to help others (charities or those in need).  You should also build an emergency fund of ($1K to $5K). The more money in your emergency fund the more peace of mind you’ll have. Emergency funds are for survival needs. (Car repairs, loss of income, house burns down, appliance repairs, house repairs, etc.)

You should learn to live on 70% of your earnings. This money goes to pay your bills, essentials, taxes and general living expenses.  If you earn $100K, then you live on $70K.  This will put you on the road to riches.

You must live within your means.  If you spend everything you earn, then you’re NOT on the road to riches – you’re in fact on the road to mediocrity and possible financial disaster.

Stop believing that getting rich is out of your reach.

The average person believes being rich is a privilege awarded only to lucky people or those who inherit money from very wealthy families. You’re lucky to live in a capitalist country and you have every right to be rich if you’re willing to create VALUE for others.

You have no more excuses. This is a brief, elementary and very valuable blueprint. You can hop on the road to riches if you follow these simple suggestions. They truly are the basics of getting wealthy.

Most millionaires had mentors that helped to guide them in almost everything you did in the business world.  Do not be foolish to think you should know everything. It’s impossible.  Get a mentor to help guide you. A mentor will add a lot of peace of mind and you’ll be certain to stay on your road to riches.  Find a mentor here.

31 Words Avoid In Email Subject Line


increase open rate

Increase your email open rates by simply avoiding certain words.  If not, your emails will end up in SPAM or other folders, which could be hidden from your customers or potential customers. Here are some high points for you to remember. Increase your open rate by simply following these simple rules.

  • Patients can easily unsubscribe from your emails by clicking “Update preferences” in the footer of any email.
  • All prebuilt RevenueWell content is professionally designed and written to pass through the spam filters no problem.

That said, there’s a fair amount of customization you can do to your automatic communications and prebuilt custom campaigns — so you need to make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a spammer to spam filters.

One of the first things spam filters look at is your email message’s subject line. Specifically, they’re looking for words that spammers often use to lure the unsuspecting reader into opening their message.  Get more expert knowledge about Internet Marketing here.

Now, we know many of these will seem enticing and even true as far as your campaign is concerned. But believe us, avoiding the following words in the email message subject of your campaign will increase the chance that it’ll land in your patients’ inbox:

1. 100% satisfied 16. Guarantee
2. 50% off 17. Herbal
3. Affordable 18. Hidden
4. Amazing 19. Limited Time Offer
5. Avoid 20. Lose
6. Best price 21. Offer
7. Collect 22. One time/ One-time
8. Cost/ No cost 23. Only
9. Compare 24. Open
10. Credit 25. Price
11. Discount 26. Remove/ Removes
12. Easy Terms 27. Save $
13. For You/ Your Family 28. Stop
14. Friend 29. Teen
15. Get 30. Win/ Winner

31. Free

Get more information here.

Finding Mentors

How to Find A Great Mentor – The Right Mentor Can Increase and Speed Up Your Success Rate 10 times!

mentors - amazingbizsecrets.comFinding mentors is essential. Here’s how to find and convince high quality mentors to help guide you to being super successful.  To be a leader, you must be humble and grateful. These are just a couple of the important traits of leadership.  Business owners should be leaders.

Mentorship is absolutely critical to helping you live the life you want. Your mentors—like your friends—have a huge effect on how, who and what you become. The people who mentor you often determine which networks you will need.  Nearly all successful people have had great mentors – without a doubt.

Why do most people fail in business?  The truth is this;  the failures in business usually did not have a quality mentor.  Unfortunately, many business owners have an “ego” that will not allow them to ask for help. So, these people slowly creep into failure.  YOU MUST humble yourself and realize you were not born with the knowledge to succeed.  Very few colleges or Universities will teach you the real secrets of business success. The only people who can usually teach you are the ones who have been there. Mentors know you need Mentors in order to succeed!  Never be ashamed to ask for help.

If you don’t know what you want to achieve, you won’t achieve much, and you’re certainly not going to proactively and purposefully seek out the advisors and mentors that you need to help you get there.  You must know what you want.

The reality is that all super-successful people are just people–and many would enjoy mentoring someone who has the motivation and the desire to succeed but need some guidance and expertise that only a mentor can provide.

Finding a Great Mentor

Finding good mentors can be tough.

First, go to the Internet and search for organizations that have missions that you feel the most passion. See if you can find people working for those organizations who are truly successful and competent. Create a list of prospects that could become your potential mentors.

Once you identify these potential mentors through your Internet search, existing networks, and the networks of people that you know, your mission is to convince at least two of them—just two great, amazing people—that you are worth an investment of their time.

Most adults who are really successful would love to help you. The problem is; mentors usually do not know which people need help the most. Mentors don’t know who is the most motivated to actually achieve something that aligns with their life’s mission.

It takes persistence over several weeks, sometimes months, to get into the network of someone who can really help you with your business.

How to Get Connected to Incredible Mentors

The best way to connect is be referred by someone who is already trusted by the mentor you want to meet. Some people have a varied supply of possible mentors they could refer for you.  Getting an “introduction” is your initial goal – connecting with them through the right person.  You must be humble with the right attitude.

The kind of people you should be seeking as mentors are likely to be people who want to spend their time with others who are serious and proactive. Perseverance and persistence correlate highly with seriousness.

Find someone who can vouch for you, then explain your passion, and pursue your prospective mentor until you connect with him or her – no matter how long it takes. If this is a potential mentor on your list who can help you achieve your dreams, then there’s very little that you should allow to prevent you from being able to meet with them.

How to Get the Attention of Busy People

mentors - amazingbizsecrets.com

If you can’t find a common connection, it’s time to resort to Master Guerrilla tactics.

Here’s one trick to be really effective in getting through to important busy people. Get someone’s attention by sending them a FedEx package.Not a simple letter, but something a bulky that cannot be missed. Busy people pay attention to opening bulky FedEx, UPS, and DHL packages. It’s well worth spending that $10 or $20 to get the attention of someone who otherwise simply wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Can you imagine how many emails, texts, etc. a successful busy person receive in one day? It’s not uncommon for a busy person to receive at least 300 emails a day, which adds up to 10,000 a month. Possible at least 50 texts a day, which adds up to 1,500 a month. They might get three or four letters, or sometimes many more than that, every day via USPS.

Bottom line:  If you really want to get someone’s attention, send them a FedEx package. Spend a few dollars and include something that adds some bulk to the package, something that might be memorable. Include a brief note about who you are and specifically why you think connecting would be valuable. That’s all you need to say. If you have the person’s email address, follow up via email and simply ask them for a time that you can take them to lunch. If you don’t have their email, include yours in the note. Often, you’ll get a reply.

Another tactic you can use to connect to busy people who are in the public eye is to send them @ messages on Twitter. To this day, I’ll get a few hundred emails a day, but I’ll only get five or six people who are @ mentioning me on Twitter. One of the things that is pretty clear about human nature is we all have some form of ego and we like to know when we’re being mentioned—particularly in news sources or social media. Take advantage of that fact to get someone’s attention.

If you can include their @ name in a message on Twitter, they’ll almost certainly see it, if not respond. If you can get them to follow you because their interested in the same topics, often times that @ message will go directly to a push notification on the their smartphone. What better way to get the immediate attention of someone who you’re trying to seek out as a mentor?

Persistence and Consistency is extremely important (Respectfully)

Most people give up after sending one or two emails because they are afraid of being a pest.  Emails often get lost in the crowd. Get in touch again if it really is important for you to connect. Be polite, but be persistent.

Never simply show up at a potential mentor’s house.  This is disrespectful. Don’t hesitate to show up in the lobby of his/her office building and ask if you can give a message or say hello to your prospective mentor.  Be persistent.  A potential mentor will appreciate your determination.

Increase the odds of an introduction.   If a trusted associate sends an email, a text message, a FedEx package, and a tweet; comes recommended to a potential mentor; and shows up respectfully the office and waits to meet them, the potential mentor will definitely make time for lunch and conversation. So pursue the people with whom you wish to be connected.

If you’re not in the same geographic location as your prospective mentors, make an initial connection via a couple short emails or a FedEx package and then say this;  “I’m going to be in your area next week. Could you meet?”

If they say yes to the meeting, you will make sure you are in their area, but you don’t necessarily have to have a flight booked or a trip already planned when you ask. Oftentimes, because your prospective mentor knows you are only in their city for a couple of days, they will agree to a meeting that they might otherwise say no to or postpone. You have to be prepared to actually go if they say yes.

How to Be Prepared when you meet your potential MENTOR.

Once you get the meeting, make sure you are ready and prepared. You need to know in advance what they are passionate about. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON YOUR POTENTIAL MENTOR. Figure out what they care about and what they’re interested in. Learn about their field. If you spend months trying to get a meeting but no time researching and doing your due diligence on the person you’re going to meet, then you’re missing the boat entirely.

Once your prospective mentor says yes to an informal mentorship, follow up. Send brief emails when you have questions. Go to the same networking events. Frequency and recency are the things that people remember. If you can have repetitive interactions, however brief, every month or two, that person will definitely remember you.

How to Build A Lifelong Relationship with Your New Mentor

When you’ve made the initial connection, be patient and think about the long term. You’re building a lifelong relationship. Develop that relationship over time, and treat it like a valuable investment. If you’ve spent three months getting a twenty-minute meeting with the person, don’t simply try to get one particular piece of information you want and then move on. It’s not a transactional relationship. It’s about how you can both help each other in the decades to come. Ideally, as you grow older and you become more influential in your field, you will be able help that person with their own goals and dreams.

As a successful person gets older, one of the goals of almost every successful person is to ensure their legacy continues—to ensure they can share the information and knowledge that they have gained over the years. They may write a book or create a video, but they might also be very happy to share what they know one-on-one with people they believe will carry it forward. You could be the person who could help them accomplish their last goal in life.

Aspire to Become a Millionaire

Naturally, the more successful people you surround yourself with, the most mentoring you’ll receive.

“Do not keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result.  Your life will not change for the better.  You must say “enough is enough” and climb up and find a mentor to help guide you!”

As you continue to explore the world, build your networks, clarify your goals, find amazing mentors, you will realize there are many groups of mentors out there working hard to make the world a better place. Someday, you can join them.  Finding a great mentor is tough – but you can do it.


Email Secrets: Part one

Email Secrets – Sending Emails to Busy People

Email-secretsPeople want to help you if you approach them in the right way.  Email secrets are used by savvy business people while showing respect to others.

Most successful people have a host of people they can contact to get their questions answered.  First, it is extremely important that a beginning or mature business owner always have a group of trusted advisors or mentors that can be contacted.

Let’s say you want to ask a question from a very busy advisor.  You don’t want to waste his/her time, but you want to reach out for a prompt reply.

You do not want to take time for a phone call or a series of back and forth emails.  You respect their time and yours. The last thing you want to hear from anyone is ….”Please, I just do not have time right now.” 

Your goal is to minimize the back and forth and make it easy for the busy person to find time to talk to you or quickly answer your question.

Here are a five important things to keep in mind when you write the email:

1. Remember, you are the one who needs the advice and help.  If a quick email back to you will not be sufficient, then you should initiate the call, but provide your phone number in case they want to speak to you right now.

Put this in the right perspective. YOU want something from THEM. It’s important to recognize this and be flexible and work around the busy person’s schedule. That means:

2. Do not phrase your email so they have to think very hard.

Make it easy for them to say “yes, I want to help you.”  Give them lots of options. This illustrates that you really understand they are very busy. 

3. Send the email when they’re most likely to read it.

Never, ever send an email on a Friday afternoon.  Big mistake.  This shows you do not care about their weekend and it is almost discourteous.

To maximize your chance of getting a response, email a busy person when they’re most likely to read and process it.

In other words:

-Do NOT email a busy person on Monday morning
-Do NOT email a busy person when you know they are celebrating a special day.

Instead, think when they’re most receptive. Maybe at lunch? Maybe Sunday night when they’re prepping for their week?

4. Formatting

Bad formatting can make a great message worthless.

Use paragraph breaks and bullet points liberally to make your email easy and fast to read.

Also, send it in plain text rather than HTML so it can be easily read on a mobile device. For VIP emails, send yourself a test to make sure it’s readable and any URLs are clickable.

5. Use correct grammar and spelling

Silly typos signals laziness. Use proper punctuation and capitalization.

Don’t use lower case “i”s or texting abbreviations. An email should be more polished than a text message.  Be a professional.

Always proofread your email. Let the reader focus on your well-crafted message, not the fact that you still do not know the difference between “its” and “it’s.”  or your and you’re.  Major pet peeves.

There are a couple of things I want to call your attention to in this email.

  1. The writer quickly introduces their referral and affiliation. If you have a connection to the busy person, always put it right up front.
  2. For the purposes of this email, the pitch is irrelevant. Be specific that you have a reason for emailing, but keep it brief. The point of this email is coordinating the phone call.
  3. Always specify a short time period. A busy person is less likely to object to a minimal time commitment to a total stranger.
  4. Offer them a few choices, and try to provide one all day option, as well as two narrowly defined times. The “after 1pm” suggestions help busy people cope with the paradox of choice.
  5. Explicitly acknowledge that they are higher-status and politely offer to honor their schedule.
  6. Give the busy person the option of what to do. Sometimes, busy people will just call you right when they receive the email if they have a few minutes.

You’ve just discovered one the email secrets used by successful people. There you have it. By following these steps you can almost guarantee to get the person’s attention and get a great response.  Start collecting trusted advisors or mentors you can call upon when needed.  Every successful business person has advisors.