Millionaire Success Secrets

Millionaire Success Secrets Almost Always Come From Their Mentors

millionaire success secretsMillionaire success secrets are provided to them in a variety of ways and secrets are provide to others in a variety of ways as well.   Many millionaire fathers are mentors to their children as they grow up to take over the family business.  Some self-made millionaires are often mentored by others who are experts in their fields.  The saying, “it’s who you know is what counts.”  This is true.  A good mentor is extremely valuable.

Self-made millionaires rarely, if ever, depend on one singular source of income. They develop multiple streams of income.  Why and how many? Three different income streams appears to be the magic number and many times it can be dozens of income streams. Most millionaires will usually have at least three or more streams of income that they created over time.

Maybe a millionaire will have a few real estate investments, a business, an investment in gold/silver and have a healthy stock and mutual fund portfolio.

Diversifying your sources of income allows you to weather the economic downturns that always occur in life.  Remember the old secret to never put all your eggs in one basket.  As you know, most Millionaire Success Secrets almost always come from their mentors.

Nearly all self-made millionaires are almost always in the presence of mentors.  Mentors are extremely important to the new entrepreneur. Any businesses can have downturns, however they are not as severe to the rich as they are to the poor. The poor put “one pole in one pond” and when that single income stream is negatively impacted in some way, the poor suffer financially.  Millionaire success secrets are essential when you want to move up the ladder fast and efficiently.

Time is the most valuable asset as you work towards being a MILLIONAIRE.  Time needs to be invested wisely in pursuing goals, dreams, or some major purpose in life.  It is important to develop the millionaire mind set and realize your time is valuable.  Protecting your time is one of the greatest secrets of the millionaire mind set.

Any investment we make of our time should pay dividends down the road in the form of happiness events, financial security, creating a legacy or in helping improve the lives of others. When you see time as the greatest risk, it creates more awareness of exactly how you invest your time. Invest it wisely, because you will never get it back.

Most self-made millionaires watched less than one hour of T.V. each day spending less than one hour a day on the Internet (recreation-related). This freed up time for them to pursue their dreams, goals, read, learn, exercise, volunteer and network.

Nearly all self-made millionaires attributed their wealth to their MENTORS.  It is agreed that MENTORING they received from others was the critical factor in achieving success.  The millionaire mind understand the power of specific and expert knowledge from those who KNOW.

MILLIONAIRE Mentors do more than simply influence your life in some positive way. They regularly and actively contribute to your success by SHOWING you EXACTLY what to do and what not to do. They share with you their mistakes and valuable life lessons.

If you want to succeed faster, then it is almost essential to find a good and dependable MENTOR.  Millionaire success secrets will almost always come another mentor millionaire.  A good successful mentor will absolutely catapult you on the fast track to success.

Every millionair will tell you this;  there are two keys to success.  #1.  Stay Consistent.  #2.  Remain Persistent.  These two keys to success has been used by ALL millionaires.  Never, never, never, never give up!

We discovered several millionaires who will mentor those who have a desire to succeed.