21 Millionaire Secrets: Seldom Revealed

millionaire-secrets- amazingbizsecrets.comDiscovering these 21 millionaire secrets will certainly benefit you if you have no clue where to start.

Self-Made Millionaire is an accomplishment most people are able to obtain because they do not know these valuable but simple secrets.

Did you know there are over 13 MILLION millionaires in America?  Yep!  Not all are self-made millionaires but millions of them are.

Most millionaires do not like to be seen as wealthy people.  Often times they dress down and drive cars that are 10 years old.  They seldom brag about their wealth or try to impress others.  They are usually humble, kind and giving to the right organizations.

1. A Millionaire always spends less than he earns

In fact his mantra is, over the long run, you’re better off if you strive to be anonymously rich rather than deceptively poor.

2. Millionaire Secrets- Be Patient.

Usually a millionaire is not made in one evening, it may take awhile, a self-made millionaire walks in the right direction. The self-made millionaire respects money and knows how to use it.  Always think before you do – never get in a rush and never buy anything on impulse.

milloinaire-lifestyle-53.  The Millionaire Next Door . . .

You may not know that your next door neighbor is a millionaire because he/she is not trying to impress anyone.  The self-made millionaire understands the real reason for accumulating wealth.

4. The Millionaire Understands Money and How to Use it.

The self-made millionaire will not waste money needlessly.  Money is to be respected and not lost to such things as credit card interest, etc.

joy-5. The Self-Made Millionaire knows that Money Will Not Buy Joy.

Money will not buy back the loss of a life or the sight of watching your own children running towards you with arms out.

6. A Millionaire Knows the Importance of Freedom and to Live in a Free Society.

Money provides more freedom.  Freedom to travel and to purchase the necessary items that create a more secure and comfortable life.

7. A self-made Millionaire does not fear work.  The harder he works the luckier he gets.

Time is not to be wasted.  Wasted time is like throwing money out the window.  Take advantage of every hour of the day.

8. Money is a Tool and is it must be put to good use.  Money management is important.

Money will not work unless you know how to use it wisely.  Money will earn more money, but only when it is managed and allowed to grow.

millionaire-lifestyle-49. Millionaires Always Pay Themselves First.

A certain percentage of any money earned should be placed in a separate account.  This your money.  It is not to be spent or invested.

10. Self Made Millionaires Know It is Not Actually Work if You’re Doing Something You Enjoy.

When you enjoy the the duties of a business owner, then it’s not difficult to put in 12 to 16 hour days.  This is fun to the self-made millionaire.

11. Part of the Millionaire Secrets is this; Creating a plan and working that plan is essential to success.

You must have a plan …then take action on the plan every day.  Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

12. A Millionaire Always Saves Money and Big Money Goals Are Part of His Plan.

Financial freedom is about saving money at every corner and paying yourself first.

13. Millionaires know that mistakes are all part of life.

Mistakes will happen – poor investments might occur, however, the self-made millionaire shrugs it off and keeps charging on.

millionaire-secrets - amazingbizsecrets.com14. Self-Made Millionaires know there are scams and rip-offs in our world.

The millionaire always does his homework and will usually have a team of people who can verify someone or a particular type of investment.  A millionaire invests his money wisely with the least amount of risk.

15. Self Made Millionaires Enjoy the Youth of the Young, but . . .

It’s never too late to start saving money.  Most self-made millionaires start early in their life while others start later.  It’s easier to start the millionaire mind-set when you’re young (20s) because you can create habits that will carry on for the rest of your life.

16. Millionaires Secretly Give to Charities

Often times, millionaires will secretly give to charities they believe in because they know that charitable giving is what life is about.  You must help others when you can.

17. Some Millionaires keep working a job and you never know they are Millionaires.

Many times, a self-made millionaire will keep working a job because it simply enjoys his job.  Most of the time, he’s living a debt free life as well.

18. Self-Made Millionaires Are Not Impressed by YOU.

Self-made millionaires seldom purchase cars or houses to impress others and they usually are not impressed by others who purchase things they really cannot afford.

19. The Millionaire never fall in love with material stuff.

The self-made millionaire knows the difference between people and material stuff.  Human life is much more important than a couch, a house or a car.  Protecting the people you love and your financial freedoms are extremely important.  You must live in a free country.

20.  Money is ONLY Good In the Area in Which it Works.

Those who say money is not important are saying, paying bills are not important.  These people say that a quality education is not important.  These people are also saying safety, comfort, transportation, house and food are not important.  Money is GOOD.

Millionaire Secrets - amazingbizsecrets.com21. Money is not the root of all evil.

The quote that is often misquoted is actually, “The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil.”

When you love money more than you love humanity then you have a thinking disorder.  Most self-made millionaires do not love money – they understand it is just a tool that provides comfort and peace of mind.

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