Learning Negotiation Techniques From Brothel Workers

Brothel Workers Explain Powerful Negotiation Techniques Used In The Real World. (Some brothel workers earn $10,000 in a single hour!)


Most people visit brothels seeking pleasure. I went seeking the guidance of a self-described “feminist pimp” who promised to teach me something more valuable.

I have a PhD in economics. I am an expert in assigning value to esoteric financial assets, exotic forms of labor, and pension finance. But like many women, I often don’t demand to be paid what I am worth. My career history contains far too many jobs where men, less qualified and experienced than I, were paid more than I was. I don’t stand up for what I am worth because I am terrible at negotiating—it terrifies me. I have a paralyzing fear of hearing no or offending someone. I normally don’t negotiate at all and feel silently grateful I am paid anything.

When I was invited to visit the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, to observe how it teaches women to own their value and get paid accordingly—many of the women who work there make well into six-figures a year—I figured I had something to learn from them. Did I ever.

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