Press Release: Secret Promotional Method


press-release-amazingbizsecretsA Press Release should absolutely be a part of your marketing promotion strategies. Unlike an article, which is typically your opinion or a story, a press release marks an occasion. It should be news worthy and not a sales page.

It’s also a great method to introduce yourself as a leader and own your brand.

You get instant credibility when people “google” your name and your press releases appear in the search results. These are the people who are doing their homework on your business opportunity.  These people are usually a higher quality prospect.

Follow these instructions and create your press release in a text, like Word.

This allows you to easily paste the appropriate text into the various Press Release distribution forms. (More on this later.) Remember, once a release gets distributed, it then gets posted on numerous news sites throughout the web. The exposure for your internet marketing promotion is incredible but you can’t make any changes once you’ve released it.  Work to make sure your press release is a good as possible.

Step 1. Choose your topic

A Press Release is great for:

  • great for spreading the word of your new business.
  • your new website
  • your new concept
  • your new blog
  • your new video series or ebook

Step 2. Optimize for Keywords

Select specific keywords, including your name, and/or your company name. Also, consider “standing on the shoulders of giants.” This means if you can attach yourself to a visible brand, especially in the heading – you’re internet marketing promotion will benefit from the exposure that brand is already generating.

Step 3. Write the Press Release

The release should be 3 to 4 paragraphs, no more than 400 words. More than 400 words will cost more for distribution. Get each keyword into the release at least 3 or 4 times: (don’t over do it.)

  • once in the heading
  • once in the initial paragraph – preferably the first sentence
  • and two more times throughout the text – preferably in the last paragraph

Think Through Your Contact Info

Include a real phone number and email address for people to get a hold of you. But, don’t give out your day-to-day contact information.

Hint: You’ll appear more like a “big” company if you don’t use your name as the point of contact, especially if the quote within the release is your own. You can make up a name or use an employee name.


Both your main keyword, your name, and your URL should be in the heading or at least the sub-heading. It should specifically state the occasion and it’s value. This is tricky because from a news perspective, it should NOT be a SALES LETTER. (benefit oriented). 

1st Paragraph

The initial sentence should have your location (City, State.) – who you are and what your big announcement. Nine times out of ten this is simply a reiteration of your heading but, remember, often people will only read the first line of your release and the last line.

The rest of the paragraph is just a little more information on what it is: features and benefits.

2nd Paragraph

This should be a quote about why this occasion is important to your marketing promotion and the goal or mission?

3rd Paragraph of Your Press Release.

This paragraph wraps it all up. You should get your keywords into the text again, and dive a little deeper into the detail of what will happen with this occasion. Also, be sure to weave into this paragraph your URL one more time. If you can include a video in your press release, put the link in the last sentence. This will increase your conversion rate up to 10 times.

Example: Each day a new topic covers things like advice on how to become a leader in starting your own business, why very few people ever make a six-figure income in this industry, online marketing secrets, online marketing automation, and attraction marketing. Viewers will walk away with an understanding of how to turn leads into customers and the 23 questions you should be asking before starting your own business. The series is available free at

4th Paragraph

The final paragraph is simply a write up of your internet marketing promotion or your business. This should be a paragraph of information specifically about your business that you should have on file. Just copy and paste it into all press releases.

Step 4: Distribute Your Press Release

It’s so much easier now to distribute a release than in the old days before the Internet. Create an account at any or all of the below sites and start copying and pasting your text from your text document into the forms of the distribution site. Once you’ve logged-in it will be apparent what to do.

A few extra tips: will distribute your release the quickest, within about 15 minutes. allows you to attach a video, which will get a higher conversion rate. Google loves videos so this will help you rank higher, organically.

Sites for distribution:

We hope this promotional article helped you.