Internet Marketing Plan

Internet Marketers Making Bank by Creating the Right Internet Marketing Plan.

You need to discover the best internet marketing plan and start selling online because it is not as difficult as you think.It appears there is no slow down with products and services being sold online.  We all know the billion-dollar sales of Amazon and others. However, there are a zillion little people working on their laptops that are also making bank. Some of these people are earning 3,4,5 or 6 figures per month!

canstockphoto15247961We discovered a new online website who specializes in helping online marketing beginners. Youtube is only one method for bringing targeted people to your website.  There are simple SEO methods that work as well.  It is best to use free online marketing methods first.

Each internet marketing plan is usually recommended by honest Internet Marketing coaches and they are affordable too.  If you want to be successful easier and faster, then you must have a mentor.

There are dozens of coaches that teach their own internet marketing plan.  One is usually not any more valuable than the other.  Everyone has their favorite and ways of marketing their products and services.  It all depends on your skill level and your experience.

When you discover exactly how to bring the right targeted audience to your sight, then it is simply just a rinse and repeat type of strategy.  Once you start using the method that works for your website and your audience, then do not break what is working.

Many marketers make the mistake of changing their internet marketing plan to something that does not work.  So, keep doing what is working for you.  Its perfectly acceptable to explore other methods, but do not stop doing what is currently working.

If you’re interested in starting an online business and do not want to do all the techie hard stuff yourself or do not want to do all the time-consuming marketing, then we highly recommend you visit the Internet Cheap Geeks.

Unique Methods Drive Website Traffic

Unique Methods Drive Traffic to Your Business Website.

Website Traffic is the #1 problem for most business oriented websites.

website-trafficWebsite traffic is usually the #1 problem for many businesses. Millions of website owners have a great product or service, but they just can’t seem to get the traffic to flow to their website. To solve this problem here are 21 marketers and best tip on driving traffic to a website in 2016. Their answers may surprise you.

The techniques and strategies 21 marketers believe will help you generate traffic to your website in 2016. As you saw, most of them are simply different “variations” of content creation. As you probably already know, content is always king.

Not only in terms of its promotion and engagement, but also in terms of its research and creation. Creating quality content will be the foundation of a successful website that will surely start receiving a ton of traffic in no time. But above all, provide as much value as possible to people and watch your traffic skyrocket by using the proper traffic getting methods.

Discover several unique methods for driving traffic.  Also find a few great mentors right here.

31 Words Avoid In Email Subject Line


increase open rate

Increase your email open rates by simply avoiding certain words.  If not, your emails will end up in SPAM or other folders, which could be hidden from your customers or potential customers. Here are some high points for you to remember. Increase your open rate by simply following these simple rules.

  • Patients can easily unsubscribe from your emails by clicking “Update preferences” in the footer of any email.
  • All prebuilt RevenueWell content is professionally designed and written to pass through the spam filters no problem.

That said, there’s a fair amount of customization you can do to your automatic communications and prebuilt custom campaigns — so you need to make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a spammer to spam filters.

One of the first things spam filters look at is your email message’s subject line. Specifically, they’re looking for words that spammers often use to lure the unsuspecting reader into opening their message.  Get more expert knowledge about Internet Marketing here.

Now, we know many of these will seem enticing and even true as far as your campaign is concerned. But believe us, avoiding the following words in the email message subject of your campaign will increase the chance that it’ll land in your patients’ inbox:

1. 100% satisfied 16. Guarantee
2. 50% off 17. Herbal
3. Affordable 18. Hidden
4. Amazing 19. Limited Time Offer
5. Avoid 20. Lose
6. Best price 21. Offer
7. Collect 22. One time/ One-time
8. Cost/ No cost 23. Only
9. Compare 24. Open
10. Credit 25. Price
11. Discount 26. Remove/ Removes
12. Easy Terms 27. Save $
13. For You/ Your Family 28. Stop
14. Friend 29. Teen
15. Get 30. Win/ Winner

31. Free

Get more information here.

Passive Income

Discover a Passive Income Secret That Most People Do Not Know.

passiveincomeWhat is Passive Income?

Passive income is income or (cash flow) that arrives to you with very little effort.  Some passive incomes are generated from owning income producing real estate holdings.  Some passive incomes are generated from retirement plans.  Many people create passive incomes from businesses that do not require an active working role from their owners.

There are hundreds of people, maybe thousands, who earn passive incomes from “digital” marketing.  Or some people call it Internet marketing.  These people own websites and provide services or products.  Amazon is an online marketing company.  Some online companies only sell digital products, such as software, ebooks or membership sites.

Let’s use online marketing or “digital marketing” as an example.  If you had ONE website that produced only $34 profit in daily sales – then this would generate about $1,000 per month.  (websites run 7 days a week – 24 hours a day.)   What if you had only 10 websites that did the same thing?

10 websites X $1,000 each = $100,000 per year on autopilot.  

Most digital websites can run almost hands off, depending on the type of product or service offered.  This is called PASSIVE INCOME.

If you were to scale this up – If one website can bring in $34 in profits per day – then why can’t it bring in $334 a day?  All you need to do is ramp up your exposure and bring 10 x more people to the website.  Are you getting the idea?   $334 per day X 10 websites = over ONE MILLION DOLLARS per year.  Literally thousands of people from all walks of life are doing this!

This is one of the best kept secrets in business today!