Tai Lopez Secrets

Tai Lopez Secrets – Business and Ethics



In his most infamous YouTube ad, which begins with him revealing his new Lamborghini, Lopez claims he was broke “with only $47.00 in my bank account, sleeping on a couch in a mobile home.”  He dropped out of college and moved back in with his mother.  Lopez is a great mentor too.

Lopez claims he convinced five multi-millionaire entrepreneurs to mentor him which, along with his propensity to read “a book a day”, led to his success. But before he shared his secrets to wealth and happiness with the world, Tai was busy running a number of online dating websites.

In 2007 , he became the new owner of Elite Global Dating, LLC, which already had numerous dating websites under its belt. By 2015, the company owned almost a dozen. 

There are a few pros and cons of Tai Lopez and his methods of success.  He is now known for his online course on how he claims changes the lives of thousands of people.  The course is very affordable and is totally guaranteed.  (See Mentors)

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